5 advantages of Windows 10 on a gaming computer

5 advantages of Windows 10 on a gaming computer

If you are a gamer and want to get the best operating system for games on the market. The truth is that some components of the system could improve your gameplay, offer you advanced features and help you exploit the components of your PC.

Earlier this year, Windows 10 reached the figure of more than 1000 million users, collecting a wide range of preferences and settings among its users.

All in all, the advantages of Windows 10 on a gamer computer are quite prominent, so it could easily become one of the best operating systems to be considered by gamers in the world. Here you will find 5 benefits of using this system on your PC gamer.

1. DirectX 12 support for better graphics

With DirecTX 12 support your computer will get better graphical performance in each game. This is a multimedia library specially added among the advantages of Windows 10 that facilitates the experience for gamers. It allows them to get more GPU power and increase performance thanks to ASYNC Shaders, boosting the graphics performance of your computer.

2. Windows Game Mode, more resources for your gamer experience

Another advantage of Windows 10 is a fairly handy mechanism that automatically detects when the PC is playing a game and puts all other tasks in the background to support its graphical performance.

How it works

Windows Game Mode is an intuitive mechanism that runs automatically once you’ve activated it on your system. When it detects the execution of a video game, the computer closes the other processes that are running and that are not necessary to offer more resources for an optimal operation of the game.

In this way, the system will prioritize all processes or hardware performance required by the game. This mechanism helps to end the problems that are generated in gaming PCs.

The default assigned command is “Windows key + G

Is it really functional?

Yes, especially for low-resource PCs. This is because the system will bypass other processes and notifications to increase FPS and reduce outages that could lead to failures.

3. Xbox APP: Xbox Live for PC

Another advantage of Windows 10 is that it offers the opportunity to download the Xbox APP to merge with your Xbox experience. Through this app you can receive notifications, chat, buy your games for digital PC and Xbox.

4. Ability to stream the screen between PC and Xbox

As another Windows 10 add-on, benefits and combinations with Xbox, you’ll now be able to stream your favorite PC video game by sending signal from the console directly to Xbox using the updated Windows 10 operating system. This way, you’ll enjoy your favorite PC games on your TV screen and be able to play using xbox peripherals.

5. HoloLens Integration

Your VR games are going to look more realistic, more innovative, and better focused on video quality with HoloLens, the mixed reality lenses compatible with Windows10. In addition, it can give you device access control and protect your data with Windows Hello iris recognition.

Conclusions: what is the best operating system to play?

While there may be conflicting opinions on which is the best operating system for gaming, with all these advantages there is no doubt that Windows 10 is one of the best. It’s a super-practical system, with good configuration options and excellent integration with Xbox.

Since we talk about what could be the best operating system to play, it is necessary to emphasize that to enjoy Windows 10, benefits, configurations and so on, you must have a gamer computer that allows you to exploit the performance to the maximum.

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