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What is bottleneck?

A processor, motherboard, fast memory, a flying graphics card, a couple of SSDs, a quality source, a lot of RGB, and that’s it: Your gamer computer is complete. However, when you start measuring FPS and frametime you discover that the percentage of component utilization is not ideal. Why is that happening? Chances are you’re witnessing

Mechanical Keyboards: Meet their Switches

Do you want to buy your first mechanical keyboard? There is a wide variety of models with an impressive price range, and the Web is full of technical information from manufacturers and the enthusiast community. However, before investing money in lights or formats, we need to know a fundamental aspect: Mechanical Keyboards: Meet their Switches.

5 advantages of Windows 10 on a gaming computer

5 advantages of Windows 10 on a gaming computer

If you are a gamer and want to get the best operating system for games on the market. The truth is that some components of the system could improve your gameplay, offer you advanced features and help you exploit the components of your PC. Earlier this year, Windows 10 reached the figure of more than



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