How to factory reset windows 10

How to factory reset windows 10

The first thing you need is to open the Start menu (by pressing the key on your keyboard or clicking the Windows logo) and then clicking the icon to go to Windows Settings.

Windows settings are divided into about thirteen sections (for now). The one we are interested in is Update and Security, located at the end of the whole.

In the next window in the listing on the left, click Recovery to open the options related to Windows startup and recovery. After resetting this PC. Press the Get Started button.

In the new window, the options to keep all the files will appear or perform a clean installation of Windows 10, either of the two options is viable to continue with the procedure.

In the next Window Windows allows you to select where you prefer the new version was installed, in case of having a stable internet connection, although more delayed, more secure you can choose the “cloud download” or if it is not possible to access the Internet you can perform the reset from the files stored on the pc.

Once the preferred option is selected, the box will confirm it and indicate the process to be carried out and the process of downloading and preparing the new installation will begin.

During the process, the computer will restart several times while advancing the installation and configuration process, during the procedure you just have to wait for it to finish and Windows welcomes us on the home screen.

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